Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays!!

Sending Holiday Cheer to all and wishing everyone Bright Blessings in the New Year!
May you have the spirit of Christmas which is peace, the gladness of Christmas which is
hope and the heart of Christmas which is love.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mentioned in Solander Magazine!

Helen Hollick and I were interviewed by Dorothee Kocks a few months ago on book trailers. The article is out in the November 2011 edition of Solander. It is an honour to have been mentioned! Solander is part of the Historical Novel Society's publications to its members.

All of my book trailers can be viewed on my YouTube Page for Avalon Graphics. I thoroughly enjoy producing the videos and I am extremely lucky to have such an accomplished musician and composer to write the audio tracks: Bronwen Harrison of Lumina Music.

As of today, I am on a two week vacation - resting up before I begin a new batch of projects in January. I already have a full production schedule for January!

Happy Holidays!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Latest Works

I've finished up a couple of projects this past week.

Cover for Stephanie Keyes:
The book is out on December 15th.
I also created a book trailer for her:

And I've just finished two additional covers for Tim Vicary:

All of Tim's titles are available via Amazon.

I'm working on two websites yet and then I plan to take a few weeks off to celebrate the holidays and in general get some rest!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Latest Cover Design

Recently completed the eBook cover for Tim Vicary's novel 'The Monmouth Summer' which is now available on Amazon.

I will be re-designing two more titles for Tim later this month. I am just finishing up work on Pauline Barclay's 'Satchfield Hall' cover and her official re-launch date is this Thursday.

I have a couple of book trailers to complete, two websites and a book jacket for Stephanie Keyes to finish up this month as well. Then hopefully I can take some much needed time off in December.

Monday, November 14, 2011

New Cover Design

My latest cover design for author Pauline Barclay is out today:
The book will be out on Kindle and in paperback later this month!

I'm currently working on covers for Tim Vicary and Stephanie Keyes, so more to share soon!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1st November

This month continues to be a busy time for me. My production schedule is full! I have four book covers, two websites and two book trailers on the schedule. I'm working with Pauline Barclay, Helen Hollick, Richard Denning, Renae Lucas-Hall, Tim Vicary and Stephanie Keyes on various projects. Recently I've begun contributing to Helen Hollick's Weather Wise Blog and Deborah Cater has just joined us as well. Take a look!

Fall is definitely here now. I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Halloween! It as a quiet evening for us as we do not have any trick or treaters in this area. 

Two recent book covers that I completed for Knox Robinson Publishers:

Both will be published in 2012. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Most Common Question............

I am often asked about my process in designing book jackets and my initial response goes something like this: each project is unique and it 'depends....'  A vague answer, I'm afraid. *laughs* I first ask the client about their manuscript, then make inquiries about favorite colors, other book covers that they favor and if they have any specific elements they'd like to see on the cover. 

Then I begin my concepts (in Photoshop, not by hand which usually surprises folks) based on the client's input and largely on my own gut instinct after interacting with the client. I like to work directly with the client in developing a cover design that truly speaks to them and represents the story that they are telling within the pages of their book. While my education taught me the 'rules' of formal graphic design, I often step outside that box and go for something more unique. Not all publishing houses allow my sort of free styling in book cover design, but I certainly push that envelope! 

My desk!

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